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Капсо-пикспамы с Томом Харди

Smile Now, Cry Later

Братья по оружию / Band of Brothers (2001)
Черный ястреб / Black Hawk Down (2001)
Звездный путь: Возмездие / Star Trek: Nemesis (2002)
Точки над i / Dot the i (2002) + дополнительне материалы
Симон: Английский легионер/Simon: An English Legionnaire/Deserter (2002)
LD50: Летальная доза / LD 50 Lethal Dose (2003)
День расплаты / Reckoning, The (2003)
EMR (2004)
Слоеный торт / Layer Cake (2004)
Дочь Гидеона / Gideon's Daughter (2005)
Побег из замка Колдиц / Colditz (2005)
Королева-девственница / The Virgin Queen (2005)
Суинни Тодд / Sweeney Todd (ТВ) (2006)
Мария-Антуанетта / Marie Antoinette (2006)
Сцены сексуального характера / Scenes of a Sexual Nature (2006)
Минотавр / Minotaur (2006)
A for Andromeda (2006) + дополнительные материалы
Оливер Твист / Oliver Twist (2007)
Стюарт: Прошлая жизнь / Stuart: A Life Backwards (2007)
Flood / Наводнение (2007)
Наследование / Inheritance, The (2007)
Cape Wrath / Медоуленд (2007) Ep.1-2
WAZ: Камера пыток / w Delta z (2007)
Кодекс вора / The Code (2008)
Рок-н-рольщик / RocknRolla (2008) + финальные титры + удаленная сцена
Бронсон / Bronson (2008)
Совершенный / Perfect (2009)
Грозовой перевал / Wuthering Heights (2009)
Прикуп / The Take (2009) Эпизоды 1-2
Прикуп / The Take (2009) Эпизоды 3-4
Начало / Inception (2010)

Интервью и прочее:

The Man of Mode
Drivetime: Audi Q5 (2008)
Friday Night with Jonathan Ross 18х21 (18.06.2010)

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"Inception" screencaps. Part 2: Arthur

Smile Now, Cry Later

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"Inception" screencaps. Part 1: Eames

Smile Now, Cry Later
UPD: Скачать архивом 275 капсов (640*272) - Имс.rar

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Smile Now, Cry Later
09.10.2010 в 18:33
Пишет Silme:

Видео Артур/Имс AU
Anna снова нас радует шикарным видео и я так поняла, оно будет иметь продолжение



Beginning - Arthur tells Eames that he doesn't love the Forger, that their relationship is all a lie. Eames is hurt, angry and heartbroken. He leaves the Pointman telling him that, "He won't return..."

Before (2 Days Ago) -

Arthur has an appointment with a client who is in need of his expertise. He talks with the woman for a little while, discussing his speciality. After their conversation, he leaves but he starts having a bad feeling about this meeting. Later, he receives a phone call where he finds out that a newly formed Dream Team have come forward. And this team's intention is to assassinate any other Dream professionals (yes, I'm calling them that, lol!) that are not in their team - men like Arthur. His contact (maybe Yusuf or Cobb?) also informs him that Eames's identity as a Forger had not been discovered yet.

Arthur knows that the only way for Eames to stay unharmed is if he broke up with him. So he does it, knowing the consequences for his action.

Present -

Eames is bitter about their breakup, but memories quickly start to haunt him.
When Cobb shares the news that Arthur had been killed, he starts to remember the day he had last seen Arthur... and realizes that Arthur had broken up with him because the Pointman had known they were in danger. He immediately regrets the words he had said to Arthur and wished he had turned back when he had the chance.

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Smile Now, Cry Later
Хм..А ведь на этом снимке вовсе не Харди..

Присмотритесь. Нос, уши, профиль, руки в конце-то концов! Где его поломанный пальчик???
Обманули-обидели. Подсунули не того Имса(((

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Smile Now, Cry Later
04.10.2010 в 16:42
Пишет Silme:

Новый клип Артур/Имс

Song Artist: Full Blown Rose
Warnings: Slash Video; dont watch if its not your cup of tea.
Characters/Pairings: Arthur/Eames, minor cameo of Cobb & Ariadne
Category: AU
Summary: When Arthur gets caught in a sticky situation he calls Eames for help. Neither expecting what was to come.
Length: 2:46
File Size: 69.11 MB
Links: YouTube,Mediafire

Extra Comments about Video:

Thisvideo idea was haunting me for a while and I wasn't sure if I couldpull it off but I wanted to try anyways. Basically I wanted to showthis idea of Eames getting killed and Arthur living through it but notreally. And what I mean by not really is that yes he is alive but he isa former shell of what he used to be. He imagines Eames at varioustimes, he sees him in his dreams and the events of Eames death hauntshim constantly. So by the end of it he does the only thing he can do;he seeks revenge on the people responsible.

1:37-1:46- Thatwhole part with Cobb and Ariadne making a cameo was showing that whenthey are under with Arthur they can definitely see the toll of Eamesdeath on him.


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Smile Now, Cry Later

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Smile Now, Cry Later
Sep 12, 2009

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Год назад..

Smile Now, Cry Later
Навеяно фотками со съемок «This Means War.»

Los Angeles, California - 09.09.09

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Пишет The Point-Man.:

Surrender || Arthur/Eames AU

Inception; Arthur/Eames

(500) Days of Summer
Cape Wrath
Dior Homme commercial
Latter Days
Layer Cake
Mysterious Skin
Queer As Folk (pilot ep)
The Lookout
The Take

Time Bomb - Jessy Greene

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30.09.2010 в 16:51
Пишет The Point-Man.:

He's moving up slowly... || Inception; A & E // AU

Музыка: Inertia Creeps - Massive Attack
Пейринг: Артур/Имс | Arthur/Eames
Рейтинг: R
Автор: LightNeverFades
Фандом: Начало/ Inception

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Smile Now, Cry Later

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Smile Now, Cry Later

Smile Now, Cry Later

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Go to sleep, Mr. Eames